North West Region Board of Social Responsibility presents Along Together: Gender, Faith and Mission

Who we are…

The Catechism of the Anglican Church requires that its members “work for justice and reconciliation in society”, the Church further underscores that the call to social responsibility is a given for every citizen and every disciple of Christ. It is in this regard that the Board of Social Responsibility was implemented to coordinate the Church’s response to social justice issues and to provide leadership in the pursuit of this aspect of the Church’s mission.

The Board’s work is governed by the following Vision and Mission statements and Core Values:

  • Vision Statement – “Leaders of Social Change by transforming lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.”
  • Mission Statement – “To glorify God and promote social change through advocacy, education, sensitization and social action.”
  • Core Values: Love for God and each other; Integrity; Justice; Accountability; Compassion and Service

The Board is accountable to the Diocesan Bishop and the Synod.

Click the image above to download the Board of Social Responsibility Brochure

Social Justice Initiatives: Past & Present

Child Protection: Establishment of specialized homes such as, the St Mary’s Children’s Home, St. Michael’s School for Boys, The Mother’s Union Children’s Home

Disabilities and Special needs persons: Establishment of the Princess Elizabeth School for the disabled, SOUL (Spiritual Outreach & Unity through Language) Ministry

Violence against women and girls (sexual or physical) & their empowerment: Provision of Outreach & support services in collaboration with partners such as the Rape Crisis Centre, YWCA, FPA TT and Soroptimist International.

Education: Addressing social ills by teaching and upholding Christian standards in our primary and secondary schools, early childhood and homework centers.

HIV and AIDS: Active involvement in HIV/AIDS related initiatives such as CHAMP (Community HIV and AIDS Management Programme), the Faith Based Network of Trinidad and Tobago, etc. Signatory to the FBO Declaration on HIV and AIDS.

Community support: Establishment of music schools (TAGS and others) & youth groups. Utilization of the Church as a space for community groups to meet; Distribution of food hampers to the needy.

Our Mandate…

The Board fulfills its mandate through:

  • Education: receiving or giving systematic information to the church populace and wider community
  • Advocacy: supporting or recommending a particular cause or policy in relation to social concerns
  • Sensitization : sensitizing key stakeholders about pressing social issues and the impact of such concerns on the Church populace and the wider society at large
  • Action :  recommending particular courses of action to the Bishop or partnering with strategic partners to support key initiatives

Priority Areas 2016 -2020

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Prison Reform and Restorative Justice
  3. Human Sexuality
  4. Protection and Care of Society;
  5. Status of Women and Girls;
  6. Unemployment
  7. Financial
  8. Creating a Just and equitable Society

Contact Information for Social Support

For further information on the work of BSR:

  • Diocesan Office: (868) 622-2863 / 622-7704

External Support Agencies:

Domestic Violence Hotline: 800 – SAVE (7283)
Rape Crisis Society: 622-7273(N) 657-5355 (S)
Lifeline (suicide): 645-2800 / 645-6616
Families in Action: 628-2333 / 622-6952
AIDS Hotline: 800-4HIV / 625-2437
Childline: 800-4321
Cancer Society: 800 – TTCS (8827)
Children’s Authority Hotline: 996 / 800 – 2014
Alcoholics Anonymous: 662-4829 / 657-6367
National Family Services: 624 – 8218
Rebirth House (Substance abuse): 623 – 0952

Emergency Numbers:

Police: 999           
Fire & Ambulance: 990
ODPM (Natural Disaster): 640 – 1285/89
Reporting Crime: 555
Coast Guard: 634 – 4440