St. Michael & All Angels Church, Diego Martin
St. Michael & All Angels Church, Diego Martin
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St. Michael

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  1. Organizational Structure
  2. History of the Parish
  3. Parish Events
  4. Parish News
  5. Contact Information
  6. Work Schedule
  7. Mission Statement
  8. List of Church Groups


Organizational Structure<

Priest-in-Charge The Revd. Fr. Ashton Gomez


Honorary Assistant The Revd. Canon Selwyn Nurse


Parish Wardens Ms. Susan Longdon  (Priest’s Warden), Ms. Rhonda Spring  (People’s Warden)
Lay Ministers Mr. Malcolm Bobb,  Mr. Kenrick Francis, Mr. Carlton Harding,  Mrs. Coralita Parks, Ms. Yvonne Annandsingh,  Ms. Sharon Quamina, Mrs. Marlyse Gaskill, Mr. James Thomas
Head Server Dr. Avery Hinds
Parish Clerks Ms. Sharon Quamina, Mrs. Beverly Ash-Charles

History of the Parish

The Parish of St. Michael was established in 1844 as one of the island’s sixteen parishes.  It comprised Chaguaramas, Diego Martin, Mucurapo and the Five Islands in the Bocas.  Later it was fully designated as the Parish of St Michael and All Angels with Patna, Four Roads and Carenage.  Also included is the now unusable Chapel of St. Chad at Chaguaramas.


According to our records the first priest was Fr. J.M. Goldstein (1843-1850).  At that time a Regimental Chapel existed at Greenhill Village, a core pocket in the then vast agricultural community of Diego Martin.  Our records also show other priests as Rev. F.A. Beckles, Rev. F.A. Eckles (self-styled “Island Curate”) and Joseph Beresford Robinson as Rector.  He spent eight years before going to St. Jude, Arima.

The Church of St. Michael and All Angels was originally a wooden chapel constructed in 1858 in Greenhill Village, Diego Martin.  However when it began showing signs of decay and inadequacy for the growing population it was replaced by a stone structure which was consecrated in 1875.    Sometime between 1915 and 1923 the Parish was without clergy, it was then put under the care of All Saints Parish by Archbishop Parry of Guyana, acting on behalf of Bishop Richard Rawle, the first Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago.  When St. Agnes separated from All Saints in 1923 St. Michael was placed with St. Agnes under Rev. E.O. Buxo, Rector (1923-1956).  Bishop Arthur Anstey also looked after the Parish when he resided at the Boys Industrial School (now St. Michael School for Boys).

With the influx of the new residents of Diamond
Vale, in addition to the parishioners from Bagatelle, Patna, Four Roads and Carenage, the Church had again become inadequate for the growing population.  Sometime in 1967 the Church through the Incorporated Trustees swapped a considerable portion of its lands at Greenhill Village with Government in exchange for approximately 53,000 square feet of land at Diamond Boulevard.  Plans to rebuild were accelerated when an earthquake in September 1968 made the Church unusable and Services had to be conducted in the adjacent Parish Hall.  The foundation stone was laid in April 1969 by the late Sir Solomon Hochoy, Governor-General of Trinidad and Tobago.  The building was completed in 1970 and dedicated in September 1971 by the Rt. Revd. Clive O. Abdulah, first local Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago.  It is interesting to note that this building was judged the best design for 1970 – a great credit to the Architect, Mr. John Gillespie.

The Church of the Resurrection is located on Vineyard Street, Carenage.  Prior to this the Anglican Church was constructed in Tucker Valley but due to the restrictions imposed on this area when the Americans installed the base, Services were held first at the homes of members, then at the Society Lodge in Mt. Pleasant, Carenage.  Through the generosity of Mr. Percival Bain the parcel of land on Vineyard Street was donated and with assistance and support of persons in the area, including a former Minister of Works, the Hon. Hugh Francis, the new Church was built.  The first Service was held on 25th May 1969 (Whit Sunday) and was dedicated in May 1995 by the then Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago the Rt. Revd. Rawle Douglin.

The Church of St. Matthew, was previously a chapel built of wood and concrete blocks and was situated in Toyer Street, Patna Village.  It was erected in 1964 on a site donated by Mr. Vincent Smith, a long-standing resident of the village. As time went by the Chapel could no longer accommodate the growing population and the idea came to Fr. Michael Brotherton, Parish Priest at the time, to build a church in the district of Patna. A request was accordingly made to the National Housing Authority (now Housing Development Corporation) for a parcel of land on which to build.  The land was acquired by lease at a “pepper-corn” rental in December 2002.  Following a ground-breaking ceremony on June 14, 2008 the Church was completed and consecrated in September 2009.


Parish Events

The following events are held annually:

April (last Saturday) Prayer Breakfast
May Family Day
July Bar-b-Q
September Patronal Festival (week of activities)
September 21st Feast of St. Matthew
September 24th Men Who Can Cook
October (1st Sunday) Harvest
December (1st Friday) Dinner/Dance

Parish News

The Parish Priest, Fr. Ashton Gomez, was appointed on January 01, 2016.   He took up residence in the Rectory on July 24th, 2016 after extensive refurbishment work was done.  The Rectory was blessed by the Bishop, The Rt. Revd. Claude Berkley on the same day.

Contact Information

Parish Office:  868-637-5183



Worship Schedule

St. Michael & All Angels  –  Diamond Vale
Sundays 7.00am Holy Eucharist
Saturdays 6.00pm Holy Eucharist
Wednesdays & Fridays 6.30am Holy Eucharist
St. Matthew  –  Patna
First & Third Sundays 10.00am Holy Eucharist
Second & Fourth Sundays 8.00am Holy Eucharist
Church of the Resurrection  –  Carenage
First  &  Third  Sundays 8.00am Holy Eucharist
Second & Fourth Sundays 10.00am Holy Eucharist

Mission Statement

To worship and serve our Lord, Jesus Christ.  To enrich family life in the knowledge of God, and to spread the good news throughout Diego Martin, Trinidad & Tobago and the World.


List of Church Groups

  • The Vestry

The Vestry is the group of persons elected by the congregation to serve as the Board of Directors of the Church.  The current members are: Fr. Ashton Gomez (Chairman), Ms. Susan Longdon (Priest’s Warden), Ms. Rhonda Spring (People’s Warden), Ms. Florence Cummings (Secretary), Ms. Tramaine Trotman (Asst. Secretary), Mr. Darnley Campbell  (Treasurer), Mrs. Michele Huggins-Watts, Mrs. Joycelin Hypolite, Ms. Shirniqua Hector, Dr. Sauda Bodie-McIntyre, Ms. Melanie Taitt, Mrs. Claudette Smith.

  • The Mothers’ Union (MU)

The St. Michael Branch of the Mothers’ Union was registered in 1957.  However by 1959 the membership had lapsed and those remaining operated as a “Women’s Fellowship”.  When former Rector Fr. Matthew Gray assumed duties in 1976 he familiarized the Fellowship with the Mothers Union and they agreed to join.

The purpose of the MU is to be specifically concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life.  Membership is open to anyone who has been baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity and declares their support of the aims and objects of the Society.

The St. Michael’s MU members are Mrs. Shirley Felix; Ms. Susan Longdon; Mrs. Velda St. Clair; Mrs. Margaret Roberts; Ms. Tramaine Trotman;  Mrs. Eunice Melville; Mrs. Gloria Graham; Ms. Uteirre Sylvester; Mrs. Eutrice Johnson;   Mrs. Eugenia Gray.

  • The Anglican Church Men’s Society (ACMS)

The ACMS is a group of communicant churchmen (married or single) who come together not just for social or intellectual enjoyment but to bring other men to Christ.  The members meet for prayer and study and embark on fund-raising ventures to assist them in carrying out their own activities as well as some of the functions of the Church.  The members of the ACMS at  St. Michael’s are Mr. Garnet Edwards, Mr. Darnley Campbell, Mr. James Huggins, Mr. Glen Kent, Mr. Norman Thompson, Mr. Claudius Campbell, Mr. Knolly Antoine.

  • The Choir

The members of the St. Michael’s choir are: Ms. Molly Davidson (organist), Ms. Myrna Wellington, Mrs. Elva Scott-Ayres, Mrs. Velda St. Clair,  Ms. Marlene Hoyte, Mrs. Gloria Graham, Mrs. Florence Williams, Mr. Mervyn Harris, Mrs. Yolande Clement, Mrs Joyce Grosvenor, Ms. Ena Reid,  Ms. Juliet Legall.

  • The Servers Guild

This group prepares the Altar before the Service and assists the Priests during the Service. Members are Dr. Avery Hinds, Miss. Sarah Ali, Miss. Jasmine Cumberbatch, Ms. Anyika  Joseph  Mr. Nicholas Rique.

  • The Sanctuary Guild

These members are Ms. Yvonne Annandsingh,  Mrs. Daphne Harper, Mrs. Phyllis Nurse, Mrs. Coralita Parks,  Mrs. Cynthia Regis.

  • The Youth Group

The Youth Group at St. Michael and All Angels aims to promote Christianity in young people.  The Co-ordinators of the Group are Ms. Angela Best and             Ms. Uteirre Sylvester, the other members are:-   Sarah Ali;  Jasmine Cumberbatch;  Keely Alexander;  Jade George;  Jeremy John; Kadeem Richards;  Nicholas Watts;  Nicholas Rique;  Najja Sealy;  J’da Bullen-Brown;  Jabari Roach;  Schiskey Kent;  Kyle Kent;  Shirniqua Hector;  Adam Francis;  amaius Allen;  Krystal Dryce;  Anyika Joseph;  Dominique John;  Jada Thomas;  Ayesha Sutherland.

  • The Guild of St. Raphael Prayer Group

The Guild founded in 1915, is headquartered in England with branches throughout the world.  It is a fellowship of Anglicans dedicated to the recovery of Christ’s Ministry of Healing, and to the development and practice of that Ministry as part of the normal life and worship of the Church.  The St. Michael’s Branch is chaired by a Lay Minister and meets on Mondays at 5.00 p.m. at the Church.  The members are:  Ms. Yvonne Annandsingh;  Mrs. Coralita Parks;  Ms. Sharon Quamina;  Mrs. Phyllis Nurse;  Mrs. Eunice Melville;  Mrs. Molly Huntley;  Mrs. Margaret Roberts;  Mrs. Eunice Anderson;  Ms. Stella George;  Mrs. Eugenia Gray;  Mrs. Eutrice Johnson.

  • The Sunday School

The children are taught the life and times of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  They are also taught the origin and meaning of the different seasons on the religious calendar.  They learn that prayers are an important part of their entire lives, love for one another, love and obedience for their parents and teachers.  The tutors are Mrs. Sharon George, Ms. Marlene Hoyte, Ms. Allison Commissiong, Mrs. Joanne Taylor.

  • The Flower Guild

The members of the Flower Guild at the Parish of St. Michael and All Angels are the unseen workers who keep the Churches beautiful.  Donations of cash and flowers are received from parishioners and well-wishers while some members grow their own plants.  Mrs. Jacqueline Western heads this group.

  • The Fund-raising Committee

This committee finds ways and means to raise funds to assist with the maintenance of the Parish.  The members are Mr. Carl Harding, Ms. Rhonda Spring, Ms. Sharon Quamina, Ms. Myrna Wellington, Mrs. Elva Scott-Ayres, Mr. Kenneth Trotman, Mr. Gilbert George, Mr. Glen Kent, Mr. Arthur Hazel.

  • The Steelband

The band performs under the tutelage of  Ms. Mary Boodoosingh.