Regions, Parishes & Churches


The Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago comprises a total of four (4) regions, thirty (30) parishes and one (1) district. The parishes are arranged in four regions – three in Trinidad and one in Tobago.

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Region Number of Parishes
North East 7
North West 7
South 11
St. Peter District 1
Tobago 4
Total Number of Parishes 30

North East Region

Good Shepherd Parish, Tunapuna

  • Good Shepherd Church, Tunapuna
  • St Oswald Church, Caroni

Holy Saviour Parish, Curepe

St David’s Parish, Toco

  • House Church, Matelot
  • St David’s Church, Toco
  • St George Church, Grande Riviere
  • St Nicholas Church, Sans Souci
  • St Ninian Church, Cumana

St James The Just Parish, Sangre Grande

  • Chapel, Valencia
  • Epiphany Church, Matura
  • Mary Magdalene Church, Manzanilla
  • St George Church, Salybia
  • St James The Just Church, Sangre Grande

St Jude Parish, Arima

  • Church of the Annunciation, Santa Rosa
  • St Boniface Church, Brazil Village
  • St Jude Church, Arima

St Mary’s Parish, Tacarigua

  • St Aidan Church, Arouca
  • St Phillip Church, Lopinot
  • Maloney Mission, Maloney

St Thomas Parish, Chaguanas

North West Region

All Saints’ Parish, New Town, Port Of Spain

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port Of Spain

St Agnes Church, St James

St Crispin Church, Woodbrook

St Margaret Parish, Belmont

St Matthias Parish, Laventille

St Michael And All Angels Parish, Diego Martin

South Region

Grace Church, New Grant

  • Grace Church, New Grant
  • Holy Trinity Church, Grand Chemin
  • St Mary’s Church, Moruga
  • St Nicholas Church, Tableland

Holy Cross Parish, Marabella

  • Holy Cross Church, Marabella
  • St Peter, Gasparillo
  • St Simon Church, Clazton Bay
  • The Church of Our Lady and St Margaret, Plaisance Park

St Andrew Parish, Couva

St Augustine Parish, La Brea

  • Church of the Holy Redeemer, Cochrane
  • St Augustine Church, La Brea
  • St John the Baptist Church, Fyzabad
  • St Mary the Virgin Church, Forest Reserve
  • St Matthew Church, Oropouche

St Barnabas Parish, Pleasantville

  • St Barnabas Church, Pleasantville
  • St Barnabas on the Hill,
  • St Gabriel, La Romaine

St Christopher Parish, Siparia

  • Holy Spirit Church, Penal
  • St Barnabas Church, Morne Diablo
  • St Christopher Church, Siparia
  • St Cyprian Church, Santa Flora
  • St Martin Church, Buenos Ayres
  • Chapel, Borde Narve

St Clement Church, Naparima

  • St Clement’s Church, Naparima
  • St Luke Church, Golconda

St Faith Church, Rio Claro

  • Saints Peter and Andrew Church, Poole
  • St Bartholomew Church, Mayaro
  • St Cyprian Church, Guayaguayare
  • St Edward Church, Tabaquite
  • St Faith Church, Rio Claro

St Mark Parish, Point Fortin

  • Ascension Church, Cap-de-ville
  • Christ Church, Cedros
  • St Anne Church, Chatham
  • St Mark Church, Point Fortin

St Paul Church, San Fernando

St Peter’s Church, Pointe A Pierre

St Stephen Parish, Princes Town

  • St Peter District Church, Pointe A Pierre
  • Ascension Church, Eckel Village
  • Chapel of Ease, Lengua
  • St Gregory Church, Fifth Company
  • St Stephen Church, Princes Town

Tobago Region

St Andrew Parish, Scarborough

  • St Andrew Church, Scarborough
  • St George Church, Hope
  • St Michael Church, Whim
  • St Peter’s Church, Adelphi

St Mary Parish, Pembroke

  • Grace Church, Bloody Bay
  • St Barnabas Church, Roxborough
  • St Edward Church, Belle Garden
  • St John Church, Speyside
  • St Mary’s Church, Pembroke
  • St Paul Church, Delaford
  • St Peter Church, Charlotteville
  • St Thomas Church, Goodwood

St Patrick’s Church, Mount Pleasant

  • St Francis Church, Bon Accord
  • St Luke Church, Patience Hill
  • St Nicholas Church, Lambeau
  • St Patrick’s Church, Mount Pleasant

St  David Church, Plymouth

  • All Saints Church, Castara
  • St  Bartholomew Church, Parlatuvier
  • St  David Church, Plymouth
  • St  Martin Church, Black Rock
  • St  Thomas Church, Les Coteaux