The Information Communication Technology (ICT) Team is a group of volunteers and ICT professionals that serve The Anglican Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago through the use of technology.

ICT Team Services

Our core functions are to facilitate, support and advise in the following areas:

ICT Tips

Zoom tutorial and classes

Ways to Improve Online Sessions for Presenters & Speakers

  1. Have a strong internet connection
  2. Use a wired connection, if possible, as opposed to a wireless connection to increase reliability and stability
  3. Ensure proper lighting
  4. Ensure an appropriate background
  5. Position yourself in a quiet place
  6. Dress modestly
  7. Use a bluetooth headset to ensure you are heard loudly even if you far from the camera
  8. When you using a mobile phone, set your device to Do Not Disturb mode
  9. Conduct tests before an event, where possible. Of course, this includes testing any material to be shared
  10. Have an understudy/’back up’ presenter (just in case Murphy’s Law is in play)
  11. When using Zoom, the following settings are recommended:
    • Participants video and audio off when joining
    • Take off entry and exit sounds
  12. Have a designated person to filter questions
  13. Do dry run before events if possible. practice by yourself, and see the time lapse in slide advances. You can use a computer as the host, and a another device e.g. cell phone as a presenter to accomplish this
  14. Put spotlight on speaker and the speaker’s camera should be turned on
  15. When using slides, use full screen so that the slide controls are not showing
  16. If streaming to Facebook make sure the “Live” is cut before socializing on Zoom
  17. If anyone has to share a file, check your settings to ensure that they can do so or make them a co-host
  18. When sharing audio files in particular, ensure that you check your settings to “Share Audio” also
  19. Setup private accounts with Zoom, Facebook, YouTube for testing. Make them private so your tests are hidden
  20. If someone is sharing a presenter’s slides that they practice with the presenter to know when to advance the slides
  21. Renaming persons with specific roles can be useful on Zoom. For example, by typing the persons role title in brackets Zoom will automatically group persons with that role title together on your participant list in alphabetical order. e.g. (ICT Support) John Doe
  22. Groups should make announcements at the beginning about expected conduct and etiquette of participants e.g. keeping their mics off unless they are speaker.
  23. Participants should sign in online sessions using their real name to verify their identification. Participants should not sign in using their device name e.g. If you sign in a session as “Samsung A20” you should change to your real name for identifcation purposes.
  24. Use a guide for an order of event or church service
  25. When live streaming, the Zoom settings, Required Authentication and Waiting Room should be enabled to filter out potential troublemakers.

Request Guidelines

  1. Please send requests via email only to
  2. Artwork and requests must be sent at least 1 week before the event date.
  3. Refrain from sending requests via Whats App or any other means apart from email.
  4. Requests may include additional ICT Team Support.
    • View our list of ICT services above.
  5. For each event, communication should come from one source or liaison per parish or organization.
  6. Ensure that all submissions are vetted and approved by your vestry/rector or the person in charge of your organization before sending.

Team Members

  • Abigail Maxwell-Carabalo
  • Affia Davis
  • Anica Ghent
  • Ayanna James
  • Bill Henry
  • Deborah Robertson
  • Dengel Redhead
  • Denzel Lamont
  • Diniece Philip
  • Dwight Nelson
  • Judith Clark
  • Kahlil Isaac
  • Kerwyn Adams
  • Kyle Grant
  • Michael John
  • Nickisha McClean Paris
  • Patricia Carrabon-Smith
  • Peter Sebalac
  • Canon Richard Jacob
  • Rachel King
  • Sean Mahabirsingh
  • Selvyn Kennedy
  • Stephen Sheppard
  • Timothy Abdool