Donate any value you wish to The Anglican Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago. Your donation will go towards helping our diocese sustain itself financially, pay our staff, fund our various ministries and cover our day to day expenses.

The minimum donation amount accepted is US$10.00 but you can donate any value you wish.

Complete your donation in 6 easy steps:

  1. Add “Donation” to your Cart
  2. Click the “View Cart” at the top of the web page
  3. Enter the value you wish to donate in the “Donation” field
  4. Click the “Donate” button
  5. Click the “Proceed to Check Out” button
  6. Click “Place Order” button at the bottom of the web page

Please note that there will be a 3.00% + $0.29 USD fee for credit card processing.

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