Disaster Preparedness Unit

What is C.E.R.T.?

C.E.R.T. stands for Community Emergency Response Team.

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Below is a small list of items persons should have in case of an emergency and they have to evacuate their homes:

  1. Emergency Kit items List all essentials.
  2. Money
  3. Documents
  4. Sanitary supplies
  5. First Aid kit
  6. Blankets/sleeping mats
  7. Cooking utensils
  8. Dry food
  9. Prescription medicine
  10. Jewelry
  11. Change of clothing
  12. Flashlight and batteries
  13. Radio and batteries
  14. Whistle
  15. Water if possible
  16. Games for children
  17. Pampers and baby items
  18. Map and compass.
  19. Rope
  20. Swing kit
  21. Phone numbers of family members.
  22. Extra eye glasses
  23. Extra hearing aid batteries

However if due to some unforeseen reasons persons have to stay in suite, then the following items may be necessary.

  1. Shovels
  2. Cutlass
  3. Small pots and pan
  4. Tarpaulin
  5. Charcoals stored in dry airtight container
  6. A can opener
  7. A lighter or matches also stored in a watertight container.
  8. Ensure your car has full tank and you should have extra fuel since this can be a source of information and sleeping area
  9. Insect repellent
  10. Straw mats
  11. Water at least 10 5L bottles and a large bottle of bleach and vinegar

This is just a small list of items you may need just  in case of an emergency and you cannot make it to a shelter, you should also be on very friendly terms with your neighbor. Since the minimum waiting period for official help is 72 hours or three days. However this may be longer due the fact the individuals who need to assist you also may be in distress also.

The better prepared you are to help your community and yourself the better your ability to survive any Disaster.