Business & Church Ministry Directory

    Database of skills, products, services, businesses and ministries within the Anglican Community


    • Accounting, Audit, Finance, Economics, Purchasing, Insurance, Admin
    • Advertising, Marketing, Media, Communications
    • Auto, Aviation, Airlines
    • Business Development, Sales, Retailing
    • Chemical, Petroleum
    • Computers, IT, Graphics, Telecommunications
    • Courier, Driving
    • Customer Service, Administrative, Business-Admin, Clerical
    • Customs, Shipping
    • Education, Training, Research, Library
    • Electrical, Electronics
    • Engineering, Construction, Project Management, Energy, QS,
    • Facilities, Facilities Management, Maintenance
    • Government, Non Profit
    • Health & Safety, Environmental, Social Work
    • Hotel, Hospitality, Tourism, Food, Beverage
    • Human Resources, Recruitment
    • Legal, Law
    • Medical, Nursing, Pharmaceutical, Health Care
    • Ministry, Theology
    • Repair person, Plumbing, Masonry, Carpentry
    • Security, Law Enforcement
    • Senior Management, Directorship
    • Technical, Technician, Architect, Scientific, QA/QC, QS
    • Warehousing, Inventory, Manufacturing, Production, Factory
    • Welding, Fabricating