Ascension Anglican Primary School

Name of School: Ascension Anglican Primary School

District: Port of Spain & Environs

Brief History:

The school was completed in early 1958.  The first principal, Mr. Mc Neil, was appointed on April 1st, 1958.  The official opening and blessing of the school was held on May 20th , 1958.  Present were:  His Lordship, the Right Rev. Noel Chamberlain;  the Archdeacon, F. R. Banks; the Secretary of the Teachers Union, Mr. Kenneth Sylvester the Principal, the twelve teachers of the school and one monitor.      

Mr. McNeil was succeeded by several principals Mr. Manswell, Mr. Fitzroy Shiels, Mr. Bennett, Mr. De Coteaux, Mr. Leung Young, Mr. Gilbert George, Ms. Marlene White and Mrs. Paula Kalkman to present. Mr Derek Le Gendre Senior Teacher, acted Principal on several occasions.

The school building measured 90ftx30ft and was built to accommodate 340 pupils at 8 square feet per child. Although the school was officially opened on May 20th 1958, water flowed through the pipes for the first time on June 12th 1958. Today, water continues to be a challenge at Ascension Anglican Primary School.

The new Library and Office block was completed in 1987 and it was stocked and opened in 1996.  The yard was paved and fenced, and the floor, the ventilation and ceiling on the upper floor were also changed at the same time.  

When it was decided that Piccadilly Anglican School, St. Hilda’s Anglican School and St. Phillip’s Anglican School were to be handed over to the Government, Ascension Anglican School was also down to be handed over, because the Anglican Board found some of the problems associated with the school were too many to handle. However, this did not happen, Ascension Anglican primary remained with the Anglican Education Board of Management.

Despite the many challenges due to the school’s unique location Ascension Anglican has, and continues to produce many outstanding scholars and hard working community leaders. The academic performance has begun to soar and Ascension Anglican School is indeed a school on the RISE! 

Name of Principal: Paula Kalkman

Mailing Address: School Road via Dibe Road, Long Circular Road St. James

Telephone Numbers: 628-1114

Email Address:

Ascension Anglican Primary School
Ascension Anglican Primary School
Ascension Anglican Primary School
Ascension Anglican Primary School