Forest Reserve Anglican School

Name of School:  Forest Reserve Anglican School

District:  St. Patrick

Brief History:

Forest Reserve Anglican School, located within Petrotrin Oilfield compound, was established on August 31, 1931.  The first Principal was Mr. A. Stephens.  Since that time many distinguished persons, such as, Wilfred D. Best (author of The Student’s Companion) and Mr. Harold Mayers, held the position of Principal.  Mr. Arthur Findley, Ms. Lorna Regis, Ms. Olga Frederick and Ms. Diana Phillip were just a few of our other past Principals with countless Acting Principals, most recently being, Mr. Desmond Roban, Mr. Philip Ali, Ms. Marilyn Nurse and Mr. Hayden Franklyn.

In 1948 the school was the recipient of the Prestigious Madoo Medal which was recognized as the best school in the island.

At one time in the school’s history, there was a student population in excess of six hundred.  The restructuring of the Company, however, has led to the migration of families out of Forest Reserve.  This has had a tremendous impact on the numbers.  It was believed that the School would have to closed down.  The lack of a reliable transportation from our main catchment area of Fyzabad resulted in the school not being an option to parents. Thus, the Ministry of Education granted approval for transport with PTSC Maxi for our pupils from Fyzabad and environs to Forest Reserve. This has served to increase the student population.

From 2003 to 2015, the school possessed a vibrant and triumphant pan side. Forest Reserve Anglican placed fourth at National Pan contest in 2011.  Additionally, the band won the SANFEST competition in 2011, 2012 and 2013 under musical arranger Mr. Akinola Sennon. Success was also enjoyed in 2013 at Point Fortin “Pan For Blue” competition for primary schools with the rendition of “All Over” by Lord Kitchener.

At present, Forest Reserve Anglican School has a staff of eight teachers including the Principal, Ms. Addysha Johnson.  The serene environment is geared towards fostering a high quality of learning. Forest Reserve Anglican School continues to be one of the dynamic Anglican Schools in the country with consistently high performance in the Secondary Entrance Assessment (S.E.A.).

Name of Principal: Ms. Addysha Johnson

Manager (Parish Priest):  Deacon Wayne Maughn

Forest Reserve Anglican School
Forest Reserve Anglican School