Holy Trinity Anglican School, Moruga

Name of School: Holy Trinity Anglican School, Moruga

District:  South Eastern

Name of Principal: Eric Floyd

Manager (Parish Priest): Fr.Wilson Thomas

Mailing Address: 2302 Moruga Road, Grand Chemin, Moruga

Telephone Number:  1-868-656-7607

Fax Number: 1-868-656-7607

Email Address: holytrinityac.pri@fac.edu.tt

Holy Trinity AC Logo

History of Holy Trinity Anglican School

After the removal of the Ward School to BasseTerre, it was decided to open the Moruga EC
School- now called Holy Trinity Anglican School.

It was in the year 1892that the school was opened by CanonTrotter of PrincesTown under the leadership or headshipof a Churchmancalled Mr. Jones.This school was held in the Anglican Church Building situated at the corner of Grand Cheminand ChurchStreet now Samuellawrence Street where it went on from that period 1892to 1932, under several HeadTeacherssuchas Mr. Austin, Mr. Butler, Mr. Jessamy,Mr. Howe, Mr. Maynard, Mr. EgbertArthur, Mr. Arthur Thomas,MessrsMcClean,Cecil McNeil, Holder and Trotman.. Helpersor Assistantsat that time were personssuchas Mrs. Eldith Phillip, Miss Eutha Hughes,MissYvonneCowardand Mrs. Margaret Stoute among others. Oneof those serving
for the longest period was Mrs. Margaret Stoute – formerly lawrence who spent her life as a teacher at
this Institution.

When the hurricane of 1933struck the island,the school was damagedand this causedit to be
transferred to the current site. The Moruga ECSchoolwas built on its current location in 1939 and was
opened for occupation in 1940. It was, at the time of its opening, headed by Mr. Jones.Someof his
successorswere Mr. R.Curtin, Mr. NathanJames,Mr. Henry Franklyn,Mr. Andrew Cox,Mr. Joseph
Hinds, Miss Mavis John, Mrs. lynette Stoute-Gibbs,MissGwendolyn Harper and Mrs. Maria Ali-Quash.
The school is now called the Holy Trinity Anglican School.

The school produced manyteachers suchasPeter Adams,William Gordon, Mrs. Wilkes,David
Stoute, EgbertArthur, Margaret Stoute-lawrence, Mavis lawrence, ElaineArthur, AgnesValentino­
lawrence, Marguerite lawrence, Myrle Stoute, Patricia Bonal, lynette Stoute-Gibbsand Burnette Joyce
Bobb.Also products of school are June lee-Sing-Khan,Swithin lee-Sing and Doctors Richardlee-Sing
and Anguslee-Sing. Moruga ECSchoolhas,over the years, produced many personswho function in
various professions,suchasthe Police, PostOffice, FireServices,many Government Ministries, aswell
asthose who function asSkilledTradesmenand Entrepreneurs.

Thisschool had its own Sports Day, its own concerts, its 4H Cluband all its literacy work, School
Gardenand Boys’Scouts.This building at the current site was built to accommodate 129 pupils.
However, through extension of the building it hasaccommodated a population of up to 180 pupils. At
present there are eight members of staff and 85 pupils.