Melville Memorial Girls’ Anglican Primary School

Melville Memorial Girls' Anglican Primary School

District: Port of Spain & Environs

Name of Principal: Ms. Roxanne Alfred

Manager (Parish Priest): Canon Ronald Branche

Mailing Address: #4 St. Margaret’s Lane, Belmont

Telephone Number: (868)623-0261

Fax Number: (868)623-0261

Email Address:

History of MMGAS

Melville Memorial Girls’ Anglican School was formerly established in 1891 as the St. Margaret Anglican School as a co–educational institution. It became overcrowded and a separate building was erected to accommodate the girls.

St. Margaret’s Girls’ Anglican School is now called Melville Memorial Girls’ Anglican School, in honour of Rev. Canon Herbert Melville, Rector of St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, 1895-1929.The school was dedicated on 5th November 1951.

In 1975, tragedy struck when the building was gutted by fire. The pupils were first accommodated at the St. Margaret’s Boys’ Anglican School on a shift basis. During this period, the school was earmarked for demolition due to the aged wooden structure. The pupils were relocated to the Belmont Girls’ R.C and then to the Belmont Government Primary where they stayed until 1979.

During this period, a new L–shaped building was constructed. The boys are located on the western wing and the girls on the southern wing of the building. Both schools now share one yard and each has a principal to manage the individual schools.

It was the morning of 23rd April, 1979 when the doors of Melville were opened to three hundred and twenty girls and teaching staff of fifteen. Originally built to accommodate approximately four hundred students, the classroom areas have been reduced to accommodate a library, a computer room and a music room. The school population is approximately three hundred and thirty-two students.


By 2018, to be an institution of excellence that honours and develops each student’s unique talents and abilities so that she can fulfil her maximum potential.


To provide a nurturing environment that: develops students holistically; promotes life-long learning, promotes collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

A Few Past Principals:

Mrs. Kathleen Hazell (Ag)                               January – May 2017

Mrs. Cherryl Jackson                                         2012 – 2016

Ms. Julia Walkins (Ag)                                      2011 – 2012

Mrs. Emile Farrell                                             2009 – 2011

Ms. Julia Walkins (Ag)                                      2011

Ms. Murrain (Ag)

Mrs. Rosemarie Grant

Ms. George

Ms. Maynard

Melville Memorial Girls' Anglican Primary School Picture
Melville Memorial Girls’ Anglican Primary School


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