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School Name:  Morvant Epiphany Anglican School

Motto: “The Will Does It”

District: Port-Of-Spain & Environs District

Brief History:

The Morvant Anglican School first opened its doors to students and teachers on Monday January 14, 1949 under the stewardship of Mr. George C. Hyland who was to be the first Principal of the institution.  At that time the school building was a two-storey structure, the upper floor of wood and the ground floor of concrete.  The first floor was accessed by staircases located inside the building at both the northern and southern ends.

During its sixty-eight (68) years of existence, Morvant Anglican School has seen many different administrators and philosophies impacting upon its high student achievement and prestigious reputation. The transition from administrator to administrator, whether confirmed or acting, ensured that students’ pride and their holistic development remained at the forefront.

In 1998, Mr. Peter C. Thomas was the Principal responsible for the addition of the Sci-Tech building to the school compound. It was an innovative idea for a primary school to include Labs and other rooms geared to  enhance students’ learning experiences.



Jan. 14, 1949- 1957 Mr. George C. Hyland 1st Principal School opened its doors to teachers and students
1957 – 1959 Mr. Cipriani Howe 2nd Principal
1959-1962 Mr. Fitz James Williams 3rd Principal Made structural changes to the original building which included fencing as well as increased the school population
1962 Mr. St. Elmo Gopaul Acting
1963 Mr. Alfred Sealey Acting
1963-1968 Mr.Henry Thomas 4th Principal
!968- !975 Mr. Fitz Roy Thomas 5th Principal
1975- 1976 Mrs. Umilta Greenidge Acting
1976- 1985 Mr. Bernard Riley 6th Principal
1985-1988 Mrs. Joan Monsegue 7th Principal
1988 Mrs. Verna Parris Acting
1988- 1997 Mrs. Jean Greaves 8th Principal Further infrastructural changes with installation of steel doors, water tanks and a brick and chain link fence.
1997 Mr. Leroy Alexander Acting Effected a bonding of staff members
1998-2002 Mr. Peter C. Thomas 9th Principal Construction of Sci-Tech Building with Computer and Science Labs, Office, Library, Writing Centre and Music Room.

He was also responsible for introducing semi- specialization of teachers in the areas of Physical Education and Information Technology.

2002 Mr. Roosevelt  Jack Acting
2002-2004 Mr. Carlton Arrindell Acting
2004-2007 Ms. Jenny Archer Acting
2007-2008 Ms. Hyacinth De Coteau Acting
2008–2016 Mrs. Joan Augustus-Morson 10th Principal Converted the IT Room into the Peter Thomas Reading Centre in 2009

Name of Principal:  Mr. Theron joseph

Manager (Parish Priest):  Reverend Father George Archer

Morvant Epiphany Anglican Primary School
Morvant Epiphany Anglican Primary School

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