Southern Central Anglican School

Southern Central Anglican School
Southern Central Anglican School

School Name: Southern Central Anglican School

District: St. Patrick

Brief History

Southern Central Anglican School is situated in the southern peninsula, in a small village called Coromandel which is approximately three (3) kilometers from Cedros. According to one of the elders in the village, the school got its name from the road, which passes in front of it. This road is called the South Central road to Cedros. The school has a very sketchy history; one finds problems making sense of some of the information since there is little supporting documented evidence. All the villagers who were around when the school was originally erected have since passed away. However, some sources claim that the first building was constructed in the 1930’s at Coromandel Junction. Some years following the erection, the school was relocated to its present site. This present parcel of land was donated to the Anglican Church by a Villager named Dolsingh.

Some sources claim that the school was originally a very small thatched-roof structure, which housed fifty four (54) students. In the Year 1959 the school was closed for repair lasted for the duration of two years. As a result of the school’s closure, the students were accommodated at three schools within the neighboring villages. They were Chatham Government, Lochmaben Roman Catholic School and Cedros Government. It is most unfortunate that documentation for the period of the school’s opening and temporary closure was destroyed. Hence, much of the early history has to be obtained from senior members of the village who have some recollections of their own or from what the adults before them passed on. From these elders one was able to obtain the names of the past principals who managed the school between the years 1961 to 1975. During the period of 1975 to 1980 many students who enrolled in the school came from areas as far as Point Fortin, Point Coco and Icacos. At that time school was considered as the prestigious primary school in the peninsula. Due to several factors, however the status and population of the school have fallen over the last few years. Nevertheless, some of the past principals of Southern Central were Ralph Watson, Rampatee Rampaul, Charaj Singh, David Soomai, Norbet Bharat, Mr. Ranjit Singh and immediate past principal Mrs. Bernice Felix. The incumbent acting principal is Ms. Rachael Gopaul.

Name of Principal: Ms. Rachael Gopaul (Ag)

Manager (Parish Priest): Canon Winston Mulcare

Mailing Address: Southern Central Anglican School, Coromandel Village, Cedros

Telephone Number: (868)690- 0754

Fax Number: (868)690- 0754

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