REGULATION 22: Of Buildings and Property


1. The Archdeacon shall be responsible to the Bishop in Council for inspecting and reporting on the condition of all Church buildings with a view to ensuring that they are kept in a proper state of repairs, insured and properly used.

2. All building works shall be carried out in accordance with the building instructions and specifications as approved from time to time by the Bishop in Council.

3. In every Parish and Ecclesiastical District there shall be taken annually before Whit Sunday, by the Incumbent with the assistance of such persons as he may appoint to that end, and in such form as the Bishop may prescribe, an inventory of all lands, churches, chapels, schools, houses or other buildings, and of all implements, stock books, documents, ornaments and utensils vested in the Trustees or in any Parsonage, Parish Church or Chapel; and such inventory shall be deposited with the Diocesan Secretary and a copy kept by the Incumbent.

4. (a) Whenever deemed necessary by the Trustees, an inspection of any Church Property shall be made by the Diocesan Property Adviser and a report of such survey shall be forwarded to the Trustees and, if parochial property, a copy to the Vestry of the Parish.

(b) The cost of any dealing with lands or property shall be paid by the Parish in which such lands or property are situated, or by the Trustees as the Council shall direct.

5. No Parsonage House shall be let or hired until the written consent of the Bishop in Council has been obtained on application to him in writing by the Incumbent and Church Wardens.

6. No Parochial School or other building shall be let or hired without the consent of the Incumbent.

7. No land or building belonging to the Church may be offered for sale, mortgage, lease, rent or otherwise alienated without the permission of the Bishop in Council.

8. Whenever Church lands are sold or other wise disposed of, there may be reserved at the discretion of the Synod or the Council, all such portions of any lands as may have been used for purposes of burial in accordance with the rights of the Church.

9. In every case of the sale of any Church lands by the authority of the Synod or Council, with the permission of an Incumbent or Vestry to apply the proceeds of such sale to any particular purpose, the Incumbent or Vestry shall send to the Financial Secretary a statement of the application of such proceeds.

10. No 1oan shall be raised or liabilities incurred in respect of the erection, purchase, alteration, maintenance, repair or furnishing of any Church, Chapel, School or Parsonage or other Church building without the consent of the Incumbent and Vestry and of the Bishop in Council; and, if any such loan is raised or liability incurred in contravention of this provision, the person or persons responsible shall be personally liable therefore and no Church Funds shall be chargeable therewith.