Nicholas Mc Millian is a creative producer, writer, director, editor and the founder of Millianvision Entertainment, LLC. Millianvision is a film and video production company that creates artistic, compelling and inspiring stories through film, video and photography. As a creative producer, director, screenwriter, videographer, video editor and photographer, Nicholas uses his time, many talents and passion to produce content that showcases his clients in the best possible light while conveying the message they want the world to know about their company, organization or life story through visual storytelling.

Nicholas is passionate about using film and video to make the world a better place as there are so many positive stories to tell. He is also committed to developing, mentoring and nurturing young, undiscovered talents. As a result, he facilitates filmmaking workshops to teach and inspire youth and adults to create socially responsible content. Nicholas holds a BA in Film Production and a BA in Business Management.

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