Syntyche Bishop is a multi-talented, beautiful, young lady from the town of Princes Town. She can sing, dance and act. For Anglo Film Festival 2021, she will exhibit the latter of her triple threat arsenal. She contributed an extracted scene from one of her two performances on consecutive nights at The National Academy for Performing Arts (NAPA) in a production entitled, “Three Sisters After Chekhov” by Mustapha Matura.

Syntyche commneted on her role as Audrey, the youngest sister in the play:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my role. It’s not good for an actor to not enjoy a role that they play, because then they may not explore the characters fullest potential. It’s better to not cast judgement on a character, but embrace and become the character.”

Syntyche Bishop Video Gallery

Three Sisters After Chekhov by Mustapha Matura