1. Applicant MUST be a practising Anglican.
  2. Applicant MUST be registered as a teacher.

The Process

  1. The applicant makes an appointment to see the Secretary and/or Assistant Secretary.
  2. If the Secretary is satisfied that the applicant meets the requirements, an application form will be issued to be taken to the Parish priest.
  3. The application must be sent to the Board with the recommendation of the Parish Priest and Parish stamp.

Please note that the applicant must have all the required documents (see below) prepared in triplicate and present them with the original for verification.  The original will be returned.

  • The applicant will be contacted and invited to the Orientation process.
  • Upon completion of the Orientation, interviews will be held by the Board.
  • Successful candidates will undergo a formation program.
  • Candidates will be given a Ministry of Education form to complete.
  • Names of candidates will be submitted to the Ministry of Education, Primary Recruitment Committee.
  • If successful at the Ministry’s interview, candidate will be recommended for placement at an available vacancy.

Documents required (to be submitted in triplicate along with the original):-

  • One (1) form of picture identification (ID card preferred) both sides
  • Birth certificate and Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Registration number
  • Academic certificates

           (full certificate, inclusive of Mathematics, English and Science subject)

  • Two (2) passport sized photographs
  • Two recommendations from non-teachers (Range 35 and over) i.e an individual in a supervisory position.