Women Now Objects

Women now objects
Marlene Augustine Friday, February 3 2017

WOMEN in this country are now seen as objects to be used, abused and even murdered, Interim Rector of the Holy Trinity Cathedral Rev Carl Williams said.

Juniors Pray: Their eyes closed, these students pray for the nation yesterday at the Parish Schools Candlemas service at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port of Spain. Photo By Rattan Jadoo

“These men committing these ills against women have to stop looking at them as a means of taking out their frustration and anger. That is not the way we are called to live. We are called to live in the community of love with one another and I think the time has come for all our leaders to come together to find a solution to stop the threat not only to women but children as well,” Rev Williams said.

Speaking yesterday at the Parish Schools Candlemas Service at the Cathedral off Queen Street in Portof- Spain, Williams called on Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon to come up with community- based self-defence courses tailor-made for women. He said there is a need to go back to the old time days and virtues of a person being their brother’s keeper. He said until justice is served and seen to be served, crime will continue unabated. “The police must work harder to find these people. Over the years you had people committing crime and not being caught.

Most remain free to this day and they need to be brought to justice.

Too many families are left heartbroken due to gruesome acts committed against loved ones.” Williams said society is lacking spiritual values as today’s children are not given rules and training to set them on the right path of life.

He said TT must find a way to bring spirituality back into the workplace, school and homes. “Government is there because of the people and they (government) must find ways and means of assisting people where you have a lot of crime taking place in the country. It seems like there is no respect for women in our society.” He went on to say, “Religious Education is missing in schools and needs to be brought back into the school curriculum.

“You must put God first. People do not things in moderation, spirituality must return if we are to have a generation of love, peace and benefits of people living in harmony with each other. There are a lot of crimes committed on children, recently a teenager was shot in the head, a one-yearold child was raped…

something is definitely wrong and the solutions to crime must be found now,” he said.

Taken from http://www.newsday.co.tt/news/0,239280.html