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Fr. Williams: Poverty a human curse

    Fr Williams: Poverty a human curse

    • Published on Apr 16, 2017, 11:47 pm AST
    • By Michelle Loubon

    ‘God is active’: Fr Carl Williams, Interim Rector of the Holy Trinity ­Cathedral, Port of Spain.

     Fr Carl Williams, Interim Rector at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port of Spain, said “the Easter story is a story of justice”, while also lamenting that “poverty is a human curse”.
    Williams made the comments while deli­vering the Great Easter Vigil at All Saints Church, Newtown, on Gloria Saturday.
    The theme was “Alle­luia—Raised From The Dead”.
    Among those officiating at the service were deacons Carlisle Pemberton and Eric Drew, while former Port of Spain mayor Murchison Brown was among the congre­gation.
    Readings were taken from Gene­sis Chapter 1 and King David’s Psalms 136 and 114. The canticle was taken from The Song of Moses and there were readings from Paul’s Epistle Romans 6 and the Gospel of Matthew 28.