Thy Kingdom Come 2017

Thy Kingdom Come 2017

May 25th (Ascension) – June 4th (Pentecost)

Please invite Anglicans across the diocese to Thy Kingdom Come 2017, being observed at the Holy Trinity Cathedral over the period, May 25th (Ascension) – June 4th(Pentecost). The Holy Trinity Cathedral will be joining in a global wave of prayer with Christians across the world, in observing Thy Kingdom Come 2017, in response to an invitation extended by the Archbishop of Canterbury. A similar event was successfully held in England in 2016 from Ascension to Pentecost and was extended to other countries in 2017.



  1. For Christians across the world to pray for themselves and others to know Jesus Christ
  2. To pray for empowerment by the Holy Spirit to witness for Jesus Christ, His goodness and promise of salvation


Theme: Knowing Jesus Christ (schedule enclosed – services including Holy Eucharist)

  • Each day’s theme, daily prayer and homilies at services will be focused on a characteristic displayed by Jesus Christ. Other themes such as Repentance, the Youth and the Country have been added. There will also be persons present to offer prayer and priests to anoint persons.
  • Friday May 26th: The preacher at the mid-day Holy Eucharist will be the Most Reverend His Grace, Joseph Harris, the Archbishop of Port of Spain. He will speak on “Repentance and Forgiveness”.
  • Parish schools have been invited to participate on the mornings of Thursday June 1st (Holy Trinity Cathedral) and Friday June 2nd (at Trinity College).
  • Friday June 2nd: The speaker at the mid-day Holy Eucharist will be Lt. Edward Robateau of the Salvation Army who will speak on “Youth – the Drug Culture and Violence”. The evening service of this day will be targeting the parish groups.
  • A Youth Poster competition with the theme, “I AM”, as depicted in the seven “I AM” statements of the Gospel of St. John is in progress. This competition will cater to three age-groups, ranging from 5 to 14 years old. The deadline for entries is May 19th, 2017 and the prizes will be awarded on Trinity Sunday, June 11th.
  • The beacon event will be the celebration of the “Day of Renewal” on June 3rd, when we will join with Anglicans across the diocese at Bishops/Trinity College East. The speaker will be the Reverend Barbara Marie Rosado-McBride of the Diocese of Belize.


Yours respectfully
Revd. Fr. Carl Williams
Interim Rector

Thy King Come 2017 - Holy Trinity Cathedral - Call to Prayer