Dr. Sehon Goodridge 10th Anniversary Commemoration

The Sehon Goodridge Theological Society plans to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the passing of Dr. Sehon Goodridge (1937 to 2017). Dr Goodridge was former Anglican Bishop of the Windward Islands and Principal of Codrington College. It was during his tenure as Principal that he initiated the Diploma in Theological Studies. This programme was designed to enable lay-persons to witness their faith in their ordinary vocations and professions.  To honour his contribution, we established the Sehon Goodridge Theological Society  as an inter-denominational organisation for the promotion of study and research in theology, interfaith dialogue, and unity among all people.
As part of our plans for honoring the memory and legacy of the life and work of this great Caribbean theologian, we of the SGTS will be putting on a number of free, public events and activities throughout the rest of 2017. These include:
  • July 31 – The launch of The Journal Of Caribbean Christian Action. A free, monthly, online journal that provides a unique forum for the free and open exchange of views among theologians, lay people and scholars in other disciplines. Please join our mailing list to subscribe to the Journal
  • September 3 – An Interfaith Church service for Justice and Peace. This year the service will  feature a strong dance component inspired by Sidney Carter’s “Lord of the Dance”. The dance elements will be produced by dance pioneer, choreographer and teacher Joyce Kirton and the Les Enfants Dance Company.  Please subscribe to our mailing list to get your free invitation to this exciting event.
  • September 29 – Academic Opening Thanksgiving and Prayer Service
  • December 10 – The Sehon Goodridge Commemorative Lecture and Panel Discussion – This year the theme is Theological Education in the 21st Century
On behalf of my fellow board members at The Society, I would like to you invite you to participate in activities honoring the late Sehon Goodridge.  Please note that the dates given above are highly provisional and you should subscribe to our mailing list to get the most up to date information about the events planned to honor Dr. Sehon Goodridge.  You can learn more about the Sehon Goodridge Theological Society and the work we do by viewing our website and subscribing to our email newsletter.

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Thank you for the opportunity to share this information with you.
Yours in Christ.
Rev. Dr. Knolly Clarke
Chairman and Academic Dean, Sehon Goodridge Theological Society
Trinidad and Tobago