Hayes Court Restoration: St. Jude Leads The Way

St. Jude’s Leads The Way

In response to the need for funds to restore Hayes Court, an Anglican heritage and the location of the Diocesan Office of the Anglican Church, the Diocesan Bishop declared May 2017 to be Heritage Month. Specially designed envelopes were sent to each parish and to each Anglican School Manager/ Principal with a request for contributions to the Restoration of Hayes Court. The fund raising drive was extended to June 2017. We take this opportunity to thank all those who responded to our Bishop’s call.

Approximately seven thousand envelopes were sent out to the 31 parishes, 60 primary schools and 8 secondary schools. Responses were received from 17 parishes, 6 primary schools. No response was received from the secondary schools. Since envelopes were delivered to all, we are therefore asking that all Clergy and School Managers/Principals to follow-up on this issue and encourage Anglicans to fill their envelopes and return them to the Diocesan Office.


St. Jude                                 $115,945.00                                        Holy Trinity Cathedral    $ 5,269.59

All Saints                              $  35,092.00                                        Holy Cross                           $ 5,000.00

St. Augustine                     $  27,400.00                                        St. Crispin                            $ 4,150.00

St. Michael & All Angels $  26,225.00                                        St. Agnes                             $ 3,750.00

St Mary Pembroke          $  11,962.00                                        St. Stephen                        $ 3,120.00

St. Paul                                 $  10,633.00                                        Good Shepherd                $ 2,205.00

Christ Church                     $    9,865.00                                        St. Barnabas                       $ 1,700.00

St. Patrick                            $    6,561.00                                        St. Andrew                         $    400.00

St. Thomas                          $     6,142.90


St. Ursula’s Girls                $ 5,000.00

Morvant Anglican             $ 3,740.00

Roxborough Anglican     $ 2,000.00

Melville Memorial           $    744.00

Cedros Anglican                $    616.00

The total sum received was $288,681.49.  The Hayes Court Restoration Fund now stands at $1,032,777.16. The cost of restoration has been estimated at $10 million. We still have a long way to go.

Our God loves a cheerful giver. Help us to restore our Heritage

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After an absence for several years, “THE CHANCELLOR’S BALL “ is back. The event is being planned and managed by “The Friends of Hayes Court”, a group of parishioners focused on raising funds for the restoration of Hayes Court – an Anglican Heritage. The Diocesan Chancellor, Justice Paula Mae Weekes has given her support to the event and all proceeds would go the Hayes Court Restoration Fund.

The event is anticipated to be an elegant, all-inclusive event and will take place at The Cascadia Hotel on November 4th. 2017 from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am.  A three course dinner will be served between 7:30 and 9:30 pm and premium drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be available to all patrons. The contribution per person is $800.00.

Dancing for the event will be provided by The Trinidad & Tobago Police Services band and a disc jockey. Other items of entertainment are being pursued to make the evening even more enjoyable. Several door prizes have already been obtained. Caribbean Airlines is on board and has donated two tickets to any Caribbean destination of the Airline.

Cascadia Hotel has made available to the Committee hotel rooms, at special rates, for those persons who may wish to overnight. The cost per room, single or double occupancy, will be $500.00 per night and include all taxes and breakfast the following morning. Although there parking facilities are adequate, the Committee is willing to make transportation arrangements for those parishes having at least twenty- five persons in attendance. The Committee continues to work assiduously to ensuring that the event will be an outstanding one.

So get your evening gowns, your suits and your dancing shoes and prepare yourself for a great experience.

Let us restore Hayes Court – Our Heritage