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Lenten Caravan Schedule 2018

    Lenten Caravan Schedule 2018

    For all Lenten Caravan events below

    • Sing-a-long begins at 5:30pm
    • Service begins at 6:00pm to 8:00pm

    Wednesday 28th February 2018 – St. David, Toco Regional Complex

    Preacher –  Bishop Claude Berkley
    Proceed along the Toco Main Road to the junction of Toco Main Road and Cemetery Street.  Turn right unto Cemetery Street and you will see the Regional Complex.
    Friday 2nd March 2018 – Valencia Recreational Grounds – 
    Preacher – Canon Branche
    Proceed along the Eastern Main Road to Valencia.  Upon reaching the two pillars, the street immediately after the pillars is Alexander Street. Turn left unto Alexander Street. Proceed along until you reach
    Flamboyant Crescent, then turn left  unto Flamboyant Crescent and you will see the Grounds.

    North East Region  (28th February & 2nd March)

    1.  Disciple as Peacemaker/Reconciler
         Matthew 5:9

    2.  Disciple as Mediator

         Exodus 3: 7-10
    Speakers for the other regions T.B.A.

    North West Region (7th and 9th March)  (Seigert Square and Brian Lara Promenade)

    3.  Disciple as Keeper of Justice
         Micah 6:8

    4.  Disciple and prosperity

         Luke 12: 13-21

    South Region 14th & 16th March)  (St. Andrew Anglican Church yard, Couva and St Christopher Church yard)

    5.  Disciple in times of weakness – Calming of the Storm
         Matthew 8: 23-27, Mark 4: 37-41, Luke 8: 23-25

    6.  Disciple as Teacher
         Matthew 28: 18-20, Luke 24: 19-33

    Tobago Region 21st & 23rd March  (Palatuvier Anglican school grounds and Cyd Grey car park, Roxborough)

    7.  Disciple as Preserver of Creation
         Matthew 21: 33-40, Colossians 1: 16-20

    8.  Disciple as Witness
         Acts 1: 8