Father Gomez & His Acolytes Commended

Father Gomez & His Acolytes Commended

From: John Henry Harper
Subject: Dr. Duke’s Life Celebratory Service at St. Michael’s and All Angels Church in Diego Martin

Good Morning,

Father Gomez and his acolytes, who in the presence of the Bishop conducted the Life Celebratory Service for Dr. Violet Duke on 21/04/18 at St. Michael’s and All Angels Church, are deserving of high commendation.
It was a beautiful service and Father Gomez’s resonant sermon did justice to explaining the meaning of Christian faith and belief and in linking them to Dr. Duke’s lifestyle. He raised the bar!

Best Regards,
“John Henry” Harper, Petit Valley.

Father Ashton Gomez
Fr Ashton Gomez had to show proof to criminals that he is an Anglican priest. Photo taken from Trinidad and Tobago Newsday Newspaper 04/03/2018

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