Ignite 2017: Muslims & Anglicans Share Worship

Ignite 2017: The Brain Cooler Edition

Published in The Anglican Outlook Newspaper August 2017

Article by Kyle “Difference Maker” Grant

Ignite: The Brain Cooler Edition was the brainchild of Wispé Decoteau. Wispé is an active youth leader at the St. Ambrose Anglican Church in the Parish of St. Thomas, Chaguanas. Along with a small committee, she came up with the concept of an event for youths and young adults to kick back and enjoy themselves at the end of stressful exams, school term or semester. Add music, food, games, prizes, praise and voila! Ignite: The Brain Cooler was born! The event was held on Friday 14th June 2017 at St. Thomas Anglican Church, Chaguanas.

Some of the Ignite - The Brain Cooler attendees. Photo Taken By Kyle Grant
Some of the Ignite – The Brain Cooler attendees. Photo Taken By Kyle Grant

Highlights of Ignite: The Brain Cooler

Ecumenism: Have you ever seen Muslims and Christians pray together? Ignite featured an ecumenical partnership between Chaguanas Masjid and the Anglican Community. When the Chaguanas Masjid called for prayer, referred to as azan or adhan, all activities paused at Ignite. The Christians assembled in the church and the Muslims assembled in the mosque next door. Both religious communities worshipped simultaneously. This aspect of the event embodied ecumenism at its best. Maybe one day we may be able to do the same under one roof.

Bridging the Generation Gap: The St. Thomas seniors were very patient with the Ignite attendees. While the games and chatter were taking place at the parish hall, the elders were present at the church next door and supported the event from inception to end. They offered guidance and the comfort of presence.

Ministry: Anglican Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Youth Director, Sharon Lamy attended the event. During the planning of the event, Sharon emphasized on the ministerial focus of such an event. The Ignite organizers complied with the Youth Director’s advice.

Food: The two main dishes served at Ignite were chicken foot souse and geera chicken. Most in attendance would agree that the geera chicken was out of this world. North West Regional Anglican Youth Council President, Shanice Letren prepared the star delicacy. It was spicy and mouth-wateringly tasty like any world-class geera.

Entrepreneurship: A new Anglican company called Tj’s Advertising promoted Ignite. A company owned and managed by St. Andrew Anglican Youth Group (Couva) Vice President, Tyrese Ottley. All proceeds of Ignite: The Brain Cooler will go towards covering the expenses of AY&YAM Fun In The Son II (Sports Day 2017 & Tobago Regional Youth Service 2017).

The event was by no means a sell-out crowd. However, it exemplified resourcefulness and showed the power of collaboration. Who knows, a new tradition may have been ignited.

Candle Light at Ignite. Photo Taken By Kyle Grant
Candle Light at Ignite. Photo Taken By Kyle Grant

Special Thanks To:

  • Imam Shageer of Chaguanas Masjid for his hospitality and opening his mosque’s car park as he normally does for events at St. Thomas Anglican Church, Chaguanas.
  • The Venerable Archdeacon Kenley Baldeo (North Trinidad) and the North East Regional Anglican Council under his charge for their blessing to adopt the event under their banner. The success of Ignite has continued the positive momentum of the North East Region in the Anglican Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • The Revd. Eric Thompson for his blessing and entrusting his young flock with the responsibility to use the facilities at the church under his care.
  • Anica Ghent from St. Jude Anglican Parish, Arima for intermediating the communication between the North Regional Anglican Youth Council and Ignite Organizing Committee.
  • The St. Thomas Anglican Youth Group members especially, Cyprian Ransome and St. Andrew Anglican Youth Group, President, Nikolai Bailey for providing the muscle to setup the layout for the event.
  • South Regional Anglican Youth Council President, Micheal Lawrence for his donation, presence and support of the event.
  • Ascend Dynamics and Grant Distributors for covering the expenses of the event.
  • A final special thanks to all those who attended, donated and well-wishers.