Diego Martin Regional Corporation Disaster Management Unit Letter to Volunteers

Diego Martin Regional Corporation



#2-3 Orchid Drive, Petit Valley

Tel/Fax: 633-9620


July 4, 2018

Dear Volunteer,

Your facility has been identified as an evacuation shelter in times of a major disaster. To facilitate this and provide same with the management needed to fulfill the mandate, the Diego Martin Regional Corporation Disaster Management Unit is conducting a three (3) day shelter management course for prospective volunteer shelter managers.

The aforementioned course is scheduled to begin on Friday 13th July 2018, with two other days Sunday 15th July 2018 and Sunday 28th July 2018. The following are the requirements for the persons wishing to provide this service to community and country:

  1. Must live in the community or near enough to the shelter.
  2. Must be able to familiarize themselves with the written manuals.
  3. Must be abled bodied and able to spend nights at the shelter.
  4. Must be polite with ability to manage in difficult circumstances.

You are respectfully advised that due to the current financial constraints experienced by the Diego Martin Regional Corporation, each participant is asked to walk with their own lunches and assist with a ninety- nine dollars ($99.00) deposit for training material and a stipend for the facilitators. We thank you in advance for your devotion to national duty and commitment to your fellowmen.

For further information, please contact Mr. Jerry David Disaster Management Coordinator at (868) 387-0280 or call the disaster hotline at 800-3672.

Diego Martin Regional Corporation Stamp



Jerry David
Disaster Management Coordinator.