St. Stephen Harvest 2019 Thank You

St. Stephen Harvest 2019 Thank You

St. Stephen’s says Thanks Thanks Thanks.
We give you thanks Father Michael Greenidge. The Vestry, Men’s Ministry and members say thanks to one and all for supporting their Raffle in aid of Harvest Thanksgiving 2019.
The raffle was a success. Out of 3,000 sheets, we sold 2,860 sheets.
We could not have done it without your support. Thanks again.
We look forward to your support in our future endeavours and feel free to call on us at any time.

The Raffle winners are as follows:
 1st prize 32” flat screen TV – Teneilia Beesa Modest
 2nd prize microwave – Sabrina Beam
 3rd prize cell phone – Dhropatie Gunness

Consolidate prizes:
 Fan – Michael Cole
 Fan – Rita Charles
 Fan – Christopher Dickson
 Blender – Ronnie I Roberts
 Blender – Patricia M Khan
 Blender – Anastasia Lee
 Heater – L. Vialia
 Heater – Ousman Ghanny
 Heater – Cheryl Dyer

From the desk of Father M. Greenidge.

The Lord is good all the time.
All the time the Lord is good.
Thank you Lord.
We just want to thank you.