Trinity College East students awarded US scholarships

Trinity College East students awarded US scholarships

Two past pupils of Trinity College East will be furthering their studies abroad, thanks to football scholarships.

Photo (L-R): Christian Ransome and Randy Jackson were awarded football scholarships to US universities. Both students attended Trinity College East.

The school made a social media post congratulating the two students and wishing them success. 

Today we would like to feature two extraordinary past TCE young men who are student-athletes at the Sixth Form level. We have Mr. Christian Ransome (left) and Mr. Randy Jr. Jackson (right).”

The school said Ransome was accepted into Clayton State University, Atlanta Georgia, where he would be pursuing General Business and Administration, while Jackson was accepted into Florida National University, to study Business Administration. 

“Congratulations young men,” the school said. 

The post received over 1,500 likes and over 400 shares. 

Many commented to congratulate the students on their efforts and their success, urging them to continue persevering.

Eduardo A. Brewster:

“Love the opportunities afforded by this school…congrats young men…make yourself, your alma mater and this country proud.”

Jeannette Mcletchie Moore: “Congrats young men continue to be the best and make yourselves proud, God bless.”

Francis Genesis Charles: “Congrats young men. As someone who was blessed to receive a scholarship to study abroad many years ago, I know this would change their legacy and that of their family. Congratulations again.”

Michele Clavery: “A country’s future; our country’s future! Continue to make yourselves proud, your parents proud, your school proud, and your country proud! Recognize your blessings, give thanks and praise, and continue to work well.”