BAJS Commonwealth Choir Competition 2018/2019

BAJS Commonwealth Choir Competition 2018/2019

The Bishop Anstey Junior School Upper School Choir entered the Commonwealth Children’s Choir Competition 2018/19. The competition was launched in December of 2018 and all submissions were due by June 14th 2019. In true BAJS fashion, when we found it about the competition in May of this year we went full speed ahead, never letting the short time or our already busy schedule daunt us.

This annual competition is open to all member states of the Commonwealth and requires choirs to perform 2 test pieces and their own National Anthem. For 2018/19 competing choirs had to present the Commonwealth Anthem, A Song for the Commonwealth and of course, the National Anthem of Trinidad and Tobago. Please find attached the YouTube link to our performance. ??

Special thanks to Ms Schuler and the school administration for supporting us as we pulled this together.

Thanks too, to Joseph Knights and Dennis Roberts, members of our musical family who readily helped to bring Astra’s arrangements to life.

Our recording was done, very expeditiously, with the kind courtesy of the Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago. We look forward to partnering with them on future projects.

It would be a shame for us to forget the parents who are always there for us, supporting, dropping and picking up, feeding and allowing us the space and freedom to create and explore together. Thank you!

We’re are THRILLED to announce that the choir placed FIRST in the competition as part of a 3- way tie! We are immensely proud of the choir and their remarkable effort.

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Source: BAJS Family Business Facebook Page