Bishop Gives Thanks and Praise for Another Season of Love

Bishop Gives Thanks and Praise for Another Season of Love

Brothers and Sisters, Friends,

We give God thanks and praise that we have been spared to see another season of love, as in God’s love overflowing for us and by that same loving action, offering us salvation.  Once again we hear the message of the angels in scripture, hymns, carols and worship. Luke begins his story of the Birth of Jesus with the words, “In those days.” (Luke 2:1a) He sort of prompts us to consider, what those days have to do with these days? Quite a lot! In fact those days established the platform for these days.

In those days the state was going about its business of registration, like taking a census with the attendant considerations of economic and political outcomes based on the data gathered. In these days, the state is still going about its business in the name of Brexit, impeachment, decriminalization and institution of one policy or other. All of it, then or now, intends to treat with governance of the peoples of the nations. And across time, God intervenes for our salvation. It is that intervention we celebrate with joy and great fervor because God has covered us; he’s provided support and sanctuary for all humanity.

Isaac Watts wrote in those terms in the hymn, “O God our help in ages past, our hope for years to come, our shelter from the stormy blast, and our eternal home.” And the Psalmist makes his own statement when he says; “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” So this time of commemoration and great expectation, recognizes God’s action for us, and all humanity, whatever our situation might be.

Consequently, whatever we are going through, whatever our vulnerability, whatever our addiction, God is able to bring us comfort and lead us to safety. We pray especially for the elderly, underprivileged children, migrants, refugees and all the dispossessed, and those who assist their cause. We lift up to God as well the murder rate, over 500 souls snuffed out violently, and pray for guidance and right action to address this challenge on our lives and in our nation. Further, we pray for relief for those on the margins of society, who find real difficulty in making ends meet.  Additionally, we pray for family life, for sound, positive and enduring relationships. God’s visit at the incarnation gives us hope in these days as it did in those days.

On behalf of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago, I wish you a happy and holy Christmas season and a healthy and productive New Year. I pray that the meaning of the season will resonate with you for a deeply moving spiritual renewal in the year ahead.

+Claude Trinidad and Tobago.