Easter Vigil Service 2020

Easter Vigil Service 2020

Order of Service for Easter Vigil

Saturday 11th April 2020

Pre-recorded Broadcast at 8pm


The Service of Light                                        page 253

The Preparation of the Candle                       page 254

The Liturgy of the Word                                  page 257 ff

1st Reading                Genesis 1: 1 – 2:2      

                                    Psalm 33                     page 506         Prayer page 258

2nd Reading                 Exodus 14:10 – 15:1

                                    The Song Moses        page 49           Prayer page 259

3rd Reading                 Ezekiel 37: 1-14

                                    Psalm 143                   page 658         Prayer page 261

A hymn of Praise      186      Ye Choirs of new Jerusalem

The Collect of the Day                                    page 262        

The New Testament Lesson   Romans 6:3-11

Psalm                          114                              page 621                                                                    

Sequence Hymn   170           God sent his son      https://youtu.be/7bRYj78ztmA

Gospel                        Matthew 28:1-10


Processional to font             632      Awake Awake fling off the night     https://youtu.be/lN54yeh3Y2E

The Renewal of Baptism Vows                      page 263

The Peace                  Form A                        page 124

Offertory Hymn         182      The Strife is O’er

The Prayer over the Gifts                               page 267

Eucharistic Prayer

Communion Hymn   595      I am the bread of life                                                                                                

Post Communion Prayer                                page 267

The Blessing for Easter Day                          page 150

Thank you’s/Notices

Final Hymn                400      We have a Gospel to proclaim


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