COVID-19 Government Grant Relief Programme

COVID-19 Government Grant Relief Programme

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago enlisted the Churches to assist in food support/distribution to citizens and permanent residents whose incomes have been adversely affected by COVID-19 and who are in need of emergency food supplies.

The Incorporated Trustees of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of T&T received $792,079.00. This sum was used to purchase 3,169 vouchers valued at $250.00 each for distribution throughout the Parishes in Trinidad and Tobago.

The relief is not strictly for Anglicans, but for all citizens who have fallen into need occasioned by COVID-19.

According to Bishop Berkley, the idea is that every member of Clergy, using the God given network provided through a parish setting, will ensure that no one goes hungry within the respective parish walls of our church in this Diocese.

Stay safe.