Sunday Worship Live! 4 October 2020

Sunday Worship Live! Message

Greetings Beloved!

We are in preparation mode for another edition of Sunday Worship Live!

This week, we deviate from the norm and turn our attention to the psalms and psalmody!

We know that many persons love the psalms, pray the psalms daily and feel connected to many a psalm because of the stark imagery which depicts emotional reality.

We would feature our Anglican Chant method of singing the psalms.

Because many persons may not have a psalter to follow along, we have a booklet with the prepared psalms available for your perusal. Should you require a copy, send us an email at

We would stream via Facebook on the Anglican Outlook page and on YouTube via the ‘Anglican Sunday Worship Live TT’ channel.
(the respective links would be circulated as the weekend draws nearer)

Do invite a friend or two to share in our virtual experience of worship!

Looking forward to our usual worshipping together on Sunday.

Blessings abound,
The SWL Team