Sunday Worship Live! 22 November 2020

Date: Sunday 22nd November 2020
Time: 3PM
Streaming Live on the ‘Anglican Sunday Worship Live TT‘ Youtube Channel & The Anglican Outlook Facebook Page

This week we celebrate with the parish of St. Barnabas. Special thanks to Archdeacon-Emeritus West, Mrs. Tenia and the St. Gabriel family for requesting that SWL comes to the church of St. Gabriel Our theme for this week would stem from the liturgical celebration of ‘CHRIST THE KING’

Here, we would focus on and highlight hymns that celebrate the reign of Christ as King, exalted over all the earth.  The team of worshippers this week; Michele Dowrich, Deshawn Barzey, Valerie West, Adriel Benjamin, Liesel Frederick-Bennett, June Thompson, Lorna Joseph and Gershom Rivas (bass guitarist). We thank all these persons for their initial commitment to the cause.

Programme Outline