The Anglican Voice Radio Programme Recording – 24 & 31 Jan 2021

Month of Prayer

Sunday 24 January 2021

Theme: “What are Intercessions, Petitions & Meditations?”

Hosts: Dr. Phaedra Pierre and Shamiso Mc Shine
Guest: Rev. Margaret Barker-Caesar

Sunday 31 January 2021

Theme: Inter-religious Prayer

The Anglican Voice – 31 January 2021

Up Next

Join the discussion as we explore God’s love for us on the First Sunday of Lent. The Anglican Voice continues with the month of love as we discuss the topic, OUR LOVE FOR GOD.

Date: Sunday 21 February 2021
Time: 8PM-9PM

Hosts: Fayola Denoon & Marc Haynes
Guest: The Venerable Dr. Steve West, Archdeacon Emeritus
Live on Radio i95.5FM