Congratulations to Satasha Bernard

Satasha Bernard

The Parish of Saint Thomas, Chaguanas congratulates and commends our Assistant Parish Clerk, Miss Satasha Bernard on her successful completion of the Programme entitled, the Work of a Church Administrator, at St. John’s College, Nottingham, England, a Theological College of the Church of England. Completion of this programme is a requirement for the position of Parish Clerk at St. Thomas Parish, Chaguanas.

The Church Administration Programme consists of the following units:

1. Christian Administration
2. Personal Organization: You and your Desk
3. Planning
4. Time Management
5. Communication: Putting the Message across
6. Working with others
7. Taking Care: Safety and Risk Management
8. Arranging meetings
9. Handling Finance
10. Organising Events and Systems.

According to St. John’s College Nottingham, the Church Administration Programme is a ten-unit distance learning module leading to an award (Certificate) from St John’s College. A nationally recognised course of study prepared for Christians employed by a local church as a Church Administrator in some form. This module has been prepared by The United Kingdom Church Administrator Network (UCAN) and St John’s to offer a rigorous but highly practical foundation in the subject of office-based local church administration in the UK. Students who complete the module will have a qualification that shows their church, and any future churches they move to, that they understand and can apply principles of organisational management within a theological understanding of a local church context.

The Objectives of the Programme are:

1. To enable student to come to a clear understanding of the role, opportunities and challenges of this understated subject called Church Administration.

2. To help the student improve her/his business capability and performance in a number of skill areas relevant to the work of a Church Administrator.

3. To encourage the student to develop a creative mind in devising systems and solving problems within the church/work environment.

Satasha is the first person from the Caribbean and the fourth international student to successfully complete the Church Administration Programme.

We at Saint Thomas Parish, Chaguanas give thanks to God for her achievement and we convey our high praise and commendation to Satasha on achieving this very important qualification and knowledge. This programme and the required textbooks have been paid for by the Parish of St. Thomas, Chaguanas.

The Rev. Fr. Eric Thompson
Parish Priest
St. Thomas Parish, Chaguanas
Main Road
St. Thomas Village