A Mind of Steel

🎊 Let’s bring down the curtains on 🇹🇹 Independence Day and 🛢️🎶 Pan Trinbago Steelpan month but keep the spirit of patriotism alive!

How about enjoying a local film entitled “A Mind of Steel”?

– A Mind of Steel is an emotionally driven drama about a graduate student Emmanuel who experiences Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after witnessing the murder of his brother by a police officer. At the same time, in an attempt to complete his thesis for his Masters in Music, he uses steelpan music, prayer and love to build resilience and counter his PTSD.

📽️ Anglican Creative Producer, Writer & Director: Nicholas Mc Millian

1️⃣ Watch the FULL short film for FREE using the following link 🍿https://vimeo.com/543247689

2️⃣ Watch the Director’s Interview: https://vimeo.com/538998429

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