Dr Knolly Clarke new IRO president

Dr Knolly Clarke new IRO president

Rev. Dr. Knolly Clarke
Rev. Dr. Knolly Clarke https://knollyclarke.com/

DR KNOLLY Clarke, senior clergy of the Anglican Church of TT has been selected as the new President Elect of the Inter Religious (IRO).

In a press release issued by the IRO, Clarke said, “We live in very trying times and the unity we share as religious heads of this culturally diverse society must impact on the example we set for harmony and togetherness in moving our country forward.”

Pundit Mukram Sirju, Public Relations Officer elect said Clarke replaces Archbishop Barbra Grey Burke who headed the IRO as outgoing president, and challenged all elected members to be and set examples for the positive changes in society.

Sirju said the office of first vice president was retained by Maha Sabha representative Pundit Lutchmidath Persad Maharaj and Dr Ellis Borris of the Baha’i faith as second vice president.

The offices of Secretary and Treasurer were retained by Baba Neal Rawlins and Mother Joan Irish respectively.

Sirju said the IRO was mandated by the president to reorganise, reach-out and recommit themselves to serving citizens selflessly and tirelessly for the greater good of all of mankind.

Article taken from the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday: http://newsday.co.tt/2018/07/03/dr-knolly-clarke-new-iro-president/