Virtual Youthquake 2020

Morning Service

Virtual Youthquake 2020 Morning Service

Opening Address

Bishop Calvin Bess – Virtual Youthquake 2020 Opening Address

South Regional Anglican Youth Council President Mellissa Lewis:

“Virtual Youthquake 2020 was the first venture of its kind undertaken by the South Regional Anglican Youth Council. Owing to the guidance, support and participation of regional and non-regional members alike, it was a success. Moreover, it was a learning experience for the team, who navigated the ins and outs of this event to the best of their ability. As we move forward, I anticipate the continued cooperation, creativity and open-mindedness of those belonging not only to the South Region, but by extension, the Diocese, as we seek to make more events like these auspicious.”

“Let us give the youths thanks for joining the service this morning”
— Selvon Horsely via the T&T Anglican Church Whats App Group

Virtual Youthquake 2020 Bible Quiz Snapshot