Synod 2022 – Postponed

Dear Synod Participants,

Re: Synod 2022 Postponement

The members of the Synod Planning Committee are aware that you were all looking forward to
Synod 2022 beginning on May 11th. However, due to unforeseen circumstances the Committee
had to take a decision to postpone the Synod to June 8th – 11th. We do apologise for any
inconvenience caused but it was in the interest of all concerned that the decision was taken to
We hope that you would take this extension of time to read the many reports and to have
discussions in your Regions and also in your Clusters. This additional period of time would
allow us to be better prepared to engage in more in-depth discussions on the contents of the
reports during the Synod and to develop recommendations and resolutions to determine the way
forward as we address the concerns of the Diocese.


Archdeacon Edwin Primus
Synod 2022 Planning Committee