Statement on the Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Statement from the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago on  the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II served as Queen of the United Kingdom and  head of the Commonwealth for over 70 years. Her passing is a tremendous loss,  not only to those who she served with great dignity but to the wider world. 

On behalf of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago, I  extend our heartfelt condolences to The Royal Family, the Church of England,  the People of England, the Commonwealth and all others who mourn. 

The Queen, with her quiet demeanor dedicated her life and her work in great  service to others. She was committed to family and the people she served. She  supported over 500 charities, using her influence and her position to make a  difference in the life of people all over the world. Her devotion to her faith and  her God is an inspiration to us as a Church. 

We have experienced her, dedication, discipline, kindness and strong work ethic. 

She has served her family, her country, the Commonwealth and the citizens of  the world tirelessly and we acknowledge her contribution on impacting and  improving the life of others. 

We commemorate her example, her life and work. 

Rest eternal grant unto her O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon her. May  she rest in Peace! 

The Venerable Edwin Primus 

Vicar General 

September 8, 2022