200th Anniversary Committee – Memorabilia Booth

The 200th Anniversary Committee – Memorabilia Booth, was present and pumping at the North East Regional Family Day held on Sunday 16 April, 2023.

Pictured below are committee members, Dr. Phaedra Pierre (Chairperson) and Mr. Dexter Sealy (memorabilia) alongside our exquisite rosaries, Polo T-shirts, fridge magnets, and 4 port USB hubs! Our items are going fast, so if you haven’t purchased any of our memorabilia items as yet, you can get them at the following locations:

The Anglican Shoppe: Tuesday 10:30am – 3pm, Wednesday 10:30am – 3pm and Friday 11am – 4pm

St. David Parish Office: Monday – Friday: 10am – 2pm

The Holy Trinity Cathedral Office: Monday, Tuesday and Friday 10am – 2pm

Additionally, you can contact 487-2909 for further information. We thank you for your support thus far!

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