CleanTouch Antimicrobial Door Opener


Nowadays everyone hate to touch public surfaces but here comes the solution in shape of clean touch. It is certainly a better way to touch the public surfaces with this users can press the public buttons, elevators buttons, vending machines buttons, ATM’s, Touch screens.

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Introducing CleanTouch by Advencher CleanTouch is an useful EDC (everyday carry) that is ergonomically designed to be used for public doors, locks, touch screens and elevator buttons. Washing hands are extremely important after touching shared surfaces but when you don’t have an immediate access to wash your hands, CleanTouch EDC can reduce the point-of-contact area and keep your hands clean!

CleanTouch is machined from antimicrobial brass to stop germ growth! Researchers have discovered that copper and alloys made of it, including brass, can prevent antibiotic resistance in bacteria from spreading.

CleanTouch is manufactured individually by CNC machine so we can produce it with the beautiful curves and angles. CleanTouch

Is Great For: Touchscreens, buttons, door handles, locks, ATM machines and it also works as a can & box opener!

Instant Access With FREE Accessories Each TouchClean EDC comes with a retractable carabiner, quick release magnetic rings and 10pcs of stylus pen silicone tips.

CleanTouch is available in two different alloys; brass and anodized aluminum. If you prefer your EDC in black color then anodized aluminum is a great option however microbes/viruses live longer on aluminum than brass. Please note that CleanTouch is an every carry item and it is not a medical protection device therefore we can not make any claims to its ability prevent the spread of any microbes and viruses.

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