Sunday Worship Live Volume 1 CD Tracklist


This music CD contains twelve beautiful and popular Sunday Worship Live tracks that can be played at anytime to give God praise and worship.


Sunday Worship Live Volume 1 CD


  1. Come Now Holy Spirit – Sharon Lamy
  2. Bridge Over Troubled Waters – Alicia Barrie
  3. Medley (Alpha and Omega) – Manasha Creese
  4. As The Deer – Sharon Lamy
  5. The Prayer – Tramaine Lamy & Kevin Bellille
  6. I am a Friend of God – Kevin Bellille
  7. Medley (We Are Going Up) – Kevin Bellille
  8. Nara Ekele – Kevin Bellille
  9. Caribbean Christian – Manasha Creese
  10. Slow Medley (We Give You All the Glory) – Kevin Bellille
  11. A Lovely Day – Alicia Barrie
  12. The Lord Bless and Keep You – Kevin Bellille


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